Building Safer, More Resilient Communities

As State Representative, Noah will work tirelessly to:

  • Increase funding and support for cost-saving and effective diversion programs and interventions, including veterans’ treatment courts, drug treatment courts, and mental health courts, particularly for juvenile offenders
  • Eliminate Michigan’s unjust, ineffective, and costly cash bail system and replacing it with a public safety risk assessment of the level of threat (or lack thereof) posed by a defendant to public safety and making that risk assessment the main determinant of whether a defendant should be held in jail pending trial or released pending trial
  • Pass safe storage laws, red flag laws, and robust criminal background checks for firearm purchase and ownership in the State of Michigan to reduce gun violence and protect public safety
  • Declare gun violence a public health crisis in the State of Michigan
  • Sustain necessary funding for first responders who keep our towns safe and healthy
  • Provide funding for mental health responders to attach to local police units and provide vital expertise in responding to incidents potentially involving individuals suffering mental health issues
  • Pursue common-sense accountability and transparency measures for law enforcement agencies, including greater emphasis on de-escalation
  • Banning the use of ineffective and dangerous physical maneuvers, such as choke-holds
  • Share the lessons learned from the success of the West Bloomfield Police Department, which has become the gold standard for responsible, effective, and professional policing and law enforcement in the State of Michigan
  • Address the issue of maritime patrol and recreational safety on Cass Lake

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