Confronting Michigan's Mental Health Crisis

As State Representative, Noah will work tirelessly to:

  • Expand access to vital, affordable mental health treatment for all Michiganders regardless of income or zip code
  • Increase mental health personnel and other resources in public schools to help address Michigan’s youth mental health crisis
  • Greenlight a comprehensive study on the epidemic of loneliness among seniors, and issue public policy recommendations for interventions to improve mental health among elderly residents
  • Incentivize mental health practitioners educated and trained in Michigan universities to stay and practice in Michigan through partial tuition repayment programs
  • Expand insurance coverage for treatments and therapies centered on addiction recovery, trauma, and behavioral health
  • Increase reimbursement rates to providers and reduce red tape to incentivize greater insurance network adoption by providers, including therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists
  • Reduce the barriers to mental health practitioners wishing to move to Michigan to practice by reforming Michigan’s endorsement process for psychiatrists and speeding Michigan’s accession to the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (Psypact) and Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards Agreement of Reciprocity (AOR)
  • Ensure stronger compliance by the State of Michigan with federal insurance parity laws for mental and physical health (as recently as 2018, Michigan netted an “F” on mental and physical health parity)
  • Support community organizations working to address the mental health needs of underserved communities, including LGBTQ+ Michiganders

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