Empowering Students and Educators to Reach Their Fullest Potential

As State Representative, Noah will work tirelessly to:

  • Sustainably increase public school funding across the board to ensure every kid in every ZIP code has access to a quality K-12 education, including funding for the arts and extracurricular enrichment
  • Address Michigan’s crisis in teacher, paraprofessional, and school support staff recruitment and retention by increasing benchmark salaries, offering competitive benefits packages, and implementing retention bonuses for educators
  • Ensure educators have a voice at the policymaking table in Lansing
  • Expand opportunities by investing in continuing education for adults and seniors as individuals progress along their careers and incentivize employers to defray costs for classes as a benefit for employees
  • Work towards developing universal a pre-kindergarten program to ensure all young children have access to enrichment in the most critical early years of development
  • Implement a financial literacy curriculum requirement for high school seniors to teach basic functions of contemporary financial life, including navigating insurance markets, credit, investment, taxes, and more
  • Increase mentorship opportunities for young adults in our communities by establishing partnerships between school districts and local businesses, organizations, and institutions
  • Discontinue sending public funds to for-profit schools and hold charter schools accountable to the same measures of performance as public schools
  • Address the increasingly unaffordable cost of higher education for young people by returning to pre-2008 levels of public university funding in the state budget
  • Pressure the federal government to expand Pell grants and non-interest bearing loans to university students and provide some semblance of debt relief for Michiganders with student loans

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